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  1. In fetal life, pulmonary artery is in direct communication with aorta through: STAFF NURSE BPH B.SC.NURSING
  2. Which of the following is not a branch of abdominal aorta ? PARAMEDICAL B.SC.AG BMLT
  3. Which is not a branch of arch of aorta ? STAFF NURSE MBBS B.SC.NURSING
  4. 'Circle of Wills' found in brain is formed by: BPH BACHELOR OF DENTAL SURGERY NURSING
  5. Left common carotid artery arise from: MEDICAL PARAMEDICAL D.PHARMACY
  6. Aorta pierces the diaphragm at the level of: B.SC.FORESTRY PARAMEDICAL OVERSEER
  7. The circulation of blood was discovered by: BPH MBBS B.SC.NURSING
  8. The two major openings of the left ventricle are: D.PHARMACY BAMS MEDICAL
  9. Which of the following vessels does not contain valve ? BACHELOR OF PHARMACY MBBS PARAMEDICAL
  10. Which of the following about capillaries is correct ? BPH BACHELOR OF DENTAL SURGERY MBBS
  11. Green or blue blood vessels seen in limbs are OVERSEER BMLT HEALTH SCIENCE
  12. The veins are blood vessels that transport blood: B.SC.NURSING HEALTH SCIENCE MBBS
  13. The heart is covered by a fibrous layer known as: B.SC.NURSING OVERSEER STAFF NURSE
  14. Though for the usual regulation of heart nerve supply is not needed, but influence is obtained from BMLT B.SC.NURSING B.SC.AG
  15. Minerals needed for the contraction of heart are D.PHARMACY BAMS STAFF NURSE
  16. Human heart is MBBS NURSING B.SC.NURSING
  17. The heart is the four-chambered muscular organ. Its function is to maintain a constant circulation of blood throughout the body. Thus the heart: BAMS NURSING BMLT
  18. The dimension of electrical permittivity are B.SC.NURSING BACHELOR OF DENTAL SURGERY INDIAN EMBASSY
  19. The dimensional formula for angular velocity is NURSING B.SC.AG ENGINEERING
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